Royalford 6 Cup Jumbo Muffin Pan Black

SKU: RF7043

Sale price1.890 BHD


Simplistic and traditionally designed, this cupcake tin of six guarantees delicious and flawless baking every time. The simple baking tray makes for quick and easy baking and overall enhances the baking experience in the kitchen. Easier is always better and leaves you more satisfied in the end so choose a baking tin that will deliver great results in prompt time.This baking tin is dual coated in a commercial-grade non-stick coating substance which is not harmful to the environment. This coating makes for more optimal baking and quick access to final products. The non-stick coating also makes the cleaning process much easier for the user handling the cupcake tin, because there is less stuck on food that needs to be removed from the edges.Dont worry about hand washing this tin, and simply place it in the wash with all you other dishes. Why waste time scrubbing away at a baking tin when a machine can do all the hard work for you? This baking tray is 100% dishwasher safe and will not deteriorate in the wash.

  • Classic Shape - Create Delicious And Beautiful Muffins And Cupcakes With This Traditional Shape Design Baking Tray.
  • Reinforced Material - This 6 Hole Baking Tin Has Been Put To The Test With Exposure To Electroplating And Sandblasting To Resist Warping, Corrosion And Flaking.
  • Non Stick - Double Coated With Some Of The Finest Non-Stick Material To Ensure Easy Handling And Cleaning.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Simple Cleaning Process For This Baking Tin As It Can Be Safely Set Into The Dishwasher Instead Of Having To Wash By Hand.
  • Award Winning - This Finely Crafted Tin Has Been Recognized For Its Amazing Quality And Performance And Has Since Been Part Of A Multi-Award Winning Bakeware Collection.

SKU 105-RF7043
Brand Royalford
Model Number RF7043
Material Aluminium
Display Color BLACK
Barcode 6294020006140
Weight (kg) 0.37

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