بورتريه من الذكريات -

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A short psychological-thriller that focuses on the journey of two twin brothers, reliving moments of their forgotten pasts in an eerie world that resembles theirs to discover the reason behind their existence here. Where is "here" exactly? That is what they intend to find out by opening door after door to their memories, putting the pieces back together to find their answer on the walls of their empty rooms. Background summary: From the city of falling angels to the ball where devils dance . . . Let's take a stroll down memory lane with the twins . . . Gabriel: The twin with good nature who wants nothing more than getting through the day in peace. Lucifer: The evil twin who hungers for finding mischief ways of ruining one's day just for fun. Our memories are shattered. Their shards lay scattered, waiting to be recollected. We're lost in boxes of emptiness we call "rooms" forced to walk amidst lights and smoke to pass through. There's only one way out of this conscious-dwelling prison, and that's through the doors to what grim memories that awaits us on the other side. Far beyond our haunting pasts is where these doors will eventually lead us to. "To where?" we keep on asking ourselves. The answer hides behind those doors and on the walls of their rooms. It is what the twin brothers seek by opening the doors and walking out of their rooms, to relive memory after memory, then come back to do it again .

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