Royalford Angel Food Cake Baking Pan

SKU: RF7035

Sale price2.030 BHD


Unique Strength Baking tins have to be strong and durable if they want to last in the kitchen. Constant exposure to large amounts of heat can often cause weaker materials to deteriorate quickly, but this cake pan promises no warps, corrosion, or flaking. This promise can be honestly made as each tin has been put through countless trials with sandblasting and electroplating to assure incredible durability and quality. Being 1 mm thick, this carbon steel baking tin is most certainly one of the strongest baking tins on the market. Non-Stick Simple design is only one of the amazing qualities when it comes to the interior of this bundt pan. The inside of the pan is double coated in a non-harmful non-stick film to allow for optimal baking experience.
  • Simple Mold - This Simple Ring-Shaped Mold Is Perfect And Ideal For Creating Delicious Ring-Shaped Cakes And Other Desserts And Even More Savory Dishes Such As Salmon Mousse.
  • Reinforced Material - This 1 Mm Thick Tin Has Been Put To The Test With Exposure To Electroplating And Sandblasting To Resist Warping, Corrosion And Flaking.
  • Non Stick Protection - Double Coated With Durable Non-Stick Material, This Tin Is Resistant To Unwanted Sticking And Allows For Easy Cleaning.
  • Award Winning - This Finely Crafted Tin Has Been Recognized For Its Amazing Quality And Performance And Has Since Been Part Of A Multi-Award Winning Bakeware Collection.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Safely Put This Dish Through The Wash Without The Hassle Of Having To Hand Wash It.

SKU 105-RF7035
Brand Royalford
Model Number RF7035
Material Aluminium
Display Color BLACK
Barcode 6294020006065
Weight (kg) 0.45
Country of Manufacture China

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