Royalford Dust Pan & Brush Set

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HIGH-QUALITY BRISTLES AND HEAVY-DUTY PLASTIC - Equipped with unique cleaning bristles that are very easy to clean and maintain, and a rigid plastic base that will not break under pressure while you work, giving you a durable brush that will last for a very long time. The fine white bristles sweep up dust and smaller particles and the Stiffer blue bristles for sweeping into corners.

COMFORTABLE HANDLE - The handle is ergonomically-designed plastic for stability and your comfort, minimizing muscle strain on your wrists and hands. The plastic material is also very sturdy, ensuring longer usage than most of its competitors. The brush has the perfect mix of bristles. Not too soft and not too stiff. Ideal for all sweeping and cleaning jobs. A good fill of bristles which are strong so can be used in wet or dry conditions.

RUBBER LID - The pan provides a blue rubber lid attached at the edge to make sure that what you sweep on the pan does not slide back and helps remove up all the dust in one go. Simply brush your mess up into the pan, which is made easy with the rubber dustpan lip.

EASY STORAGE - This brush and dustpan set can slot together and is easy to store underneath your kitchen sink with the convenient hook provided. A strong solid design followed up by precision production has led to a good quality dustpan and brush set.

STYLISH, PRODUCT DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT -36x23x11cm, Weight - 267 g, the set has been designed to be attractive and use bright shiny colours - No plain boring blacks and dark red- This set looks the part and does the job - Why settle for anything less!

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