Royalford Floor Broom

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FINE BRISTLES - Equipped with unique cleaning bristles that are very easy to clean and maintain, giving you a durable brush that will last for a very long time. This long broom is designed for efficiency so you only have to sweep once. The bristles feature feathered tips for grabbing more dirt and dust with every sweep. The fine bristles sweep up dust & smaller particles and leave the surface clean. Ideal indoor broom for wooden floor and other kitchen floor surfaces like laminate and tile.

EFFORTLESSLY SWEEP - The perfect kitchen house long handled sweeping broom with a soft bristle and an angled broom head allowing you to sweep easily without having to bend. It's made from a strong stainless handle and fine bristles, which makes it a great choice for anything from annual spring cleaning to regular kitchen sweep-ups! Bristles easily gather up dust, hair, paper scrapes on floors and carpets, increasing 50% efficiency than a normal broom.

COMFORTABLE HANDLE - The handle is ergonomically-designed for stability and your comfort, minimizing muscle strain on your wrists and hands & tall design takes the pain out of sweeping. The brush features a tried-and-tested, long-handled design. There's no need to bend down, so you can carry out quick home clean-ups without the aches. The brush has the perfect mix of bristles. Not too soft and not too stiff. Ideal for all sweeping and cleaning jobs!

NO NEED TO STOP, NOTHING LEFT BEHIND - Sweeper has balanced, lightweight construction featuring a stainless steel handle and streamlined bristle head angled for ergonomic floor-sweeping. It is designed to be attractive and uses a bright shiny colour. This brush works great with marble and tiled flooring, as well as on carpets and other tapestries. And looks the best and does the job well- Why settle for anything less! Ideal for a one-sweep clean on floors indoors without raising any dust!

ONE SWEEP, CORNER CLEANING - Made from high quality, durable materials, it can be used as a kitchen, home, office or lobby broom. The polymer bristles gather up dust and dirt on uneven surfaces and create a barrier to collect dust on smooth surfaces in just one sweep. Firm angled bristles on the tip for sweeping effectively into corners and edges. Ideal for a one-sweep clean on floors indoors without raising any dust!

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