Royalford Borosilicate Glass Square Roaster

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Built with a strong and durable hygienic material, this glass oven dish is suitable for rough kitchens. It is tough against scratches and scrapes and retains little to no damage from such encounters. Hot and cold temperatures are no match for this glass baking tray as it is built tough enough to endure such extremities without retaining damage.Safely and smoothly transfer this square baking dish from oven to freezer to counter with the adapted and convenient grip handles on each side. These provided handles give the user a strong and firm grip for easy handling and total control over the dish to ensure safe transfer every time.

  • Borosilicate Glass - Designed For Professional And Exceptional Cooking For A Savory And Delicious Result.
  • Grip Handles - Two Defined Handles Equipped With Strong Grips To Allow For Safe Handling In The Kitchen.
  • Oven Safe - Built To Handle Temperatures Of Up To 300 Celsius. Scratch Resistant - Crafted With Durable Hygienic Material Meant To Resist Scratch And Scrape Damages.
  • Freezer Safe - Safely Store This Glass Container In Colder Environment Such As The Freezer As It Is Built To Withstand Temperatures As Low As -40 Celsius.
SKU 105-RF2696-GBD
Brand Royalford
Warranty No Warranty
Model Number RF2696-GBD
Length (cm) 39
Width (cm) 24
Height (cm) 6
Material Aluminium
Barcode 6294009921600
Weight (kg) 1.82

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