Royalford Melamine Serving Spoon Black

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  • VERY VERSATILE - Cooking tools don’t get much more versatile than this. It’s ideal for stirring, serving and baking. And because it won’t scratch, it’s great for removing that last little bit of mashed potato or gravy from the pan. Thanks to its heavy-duty Melamine design, this spoon won't discolour or absorb odours. This makes it ideal when you're cooking with strong or colourful ingredients, such as blackberries and cinnamon.

  • ANTI-SCRATCH DESIGN - Looking for utensils that work with non-stick pans? Royalford Professional’s Melamine tools are ideal, as they’re gentle on all kinds of pans and won’t scratch non-stick coatings. The simple, but beautiful design gives this serving spoon the ability to be the best among easy usage and practicality in the dining room.

  • DURABLE AND HEAT SAFE - This cooking spoon is made of sturdy, heat-resistant Melamine, so it's great for stirring hot pans of soup or scooping up servings of sauce. It’s heat safe to 210 degrees Celsius, so you don't have to worry about it melting. Not only that, but it’s resistant to stains and odour so it’s really easy to clean.

  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE, EASY STORAGE - When you’re cooking a big family meal, short, stubby utensils just won’t do. This spoon has an extra-long handle that reaches right down into deep pots and keeps you safer when working with hot oil. This Melamine handle is smooth, easy to grip & shaped perfectly to fit into the hand! And has a hanging hoop at the top of the handle. Simply hang off a hook or hanging rack to store it in easy reach for next time.

  • SERVE WITH STYLE - Masterfully crafted and visually enhanced with high-quality Melamine material, this cutlery is ideal and practical for every scenario in the dining room. Serve your meals in style with this gorgeous piece of cutlery designed to be beautiful while serving, but also remain effective and easy to use. This spoon is uniquely crafted for flawless and satisfactory meal serving and handling.

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