RoyalFord Nylon Skimmer With Steel Handle Black

SKU: RF1202-NS

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  • Nylon Strainer - This Kitchen Strainer Is Made Of High-Quality Nylon Sturdy Outer Framework & Handle, Won't React With Foods, Safety, And Durable. Great For Removing Foods From A Deep Fryer Or Other Hot Liquid. Made Of High-Quality Stainless Steel, Durable, Long Life, No Corrosion, No Rust, Crooked, Broken, Or Deformed.
  • Long Handle - The Stainless Steel Plastic Handle Can Protect Your Hands From Hot Grease And Oils When You Cooking Or Frying. Perfect For Frying Utensils You Need For Frying Up Your Favorite French Fries, Fish, Vegetables, Meats, And More. Just Think Of All The Marvelous, Delicious Foods You Can Enjoy. Rapid Separation Of Hot Oil Or Boiling Water. It Is Easy To Let The Liquid Flow Out.
  • Slotted Strainer, Dishwasher Safe - Royalford Slotted Skimmer Catches Food Securely While Releasing Oil And Another Residue. Perfect For Frying Foods, Like Potato Chips, Chicken Legs, And Scoop Up Noodles, Spaetzle, Pasta, Spaghetti, And More. It Is Dishwasher Safe And Easy To Clean.

Never compromises any imperfections when it comes to your kitchen gadget. Royalford offers this unique and elegant high-quality Skimmer. Made of high-quality nylon, durable, long life, no corrosion, no rust, crooked, broken or deformed; rapid separation of hot oil or boiling water. Ideal for your favourite French fries, vegetables, meat, oysters, and more! It will not dissolve like plastic in thermoplastic oil; it is easy to let the liquid flow out. Suitable for fried foods, such as potato chips, chicken legs, pick up noodles, Spaetzli, pasta, pasta, etc.

More Information
SKU 105-RF1202-NS
Brand Royalford
Warranty No Warranty
Model Number RF1202-NS
Length (cm) 35
Width (cm) 11.5
Height (cm) 1.5
Material Stainless Steel
Display Color BLACK
Barcode 6294009905815
Weight (kg) 0.08
Country of Manufacture China

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