ONIKUMA X4 Wired Gaming Headset

SKU: x4 headphone

Sale price8.710 BHD


Onikuma X4 Wired Gaming Headset with 40mm Directional Drivers could be a good option for casual gamers looking for a comfortable and affordable wired headset with a microphone, and decent (possibly more high-focused) sound quality.


  • Comfort: Look for reviews mentioning padding, adjustability, and weight to gauge how comfortable the X4 is for extended wear.
  • Sound Quality: Reviews of the X4 or similar headsets can shed light on how clear, well-balanced, or bass-heavy the sound is, keeping in mind the 40mm driver size.
  • Microphone Quality: Reviews can mention how well the microphone picks up your voice for communication with teammates.
  • Durability: Reviews of the X4 or similar Onikuma headsets can provide insights into the build quality and how well they hold up over time.
  • Software Compatibility (for RGB lighting, if applicable): Some RGB lighting might be customizable through software. Check if the software is compatible with your operating system.

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