Royalford Wine Opener

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  • STYLISH DESIGN: The Royalford’s Wine and Beer Bottle Opener with Corkscrew has a sleek and stylish look. With a minimal and modern look, it makes your drinking experience not only easier, but also more stylish. Unlike other openers that are clunky and large, this Wine and Beer Bottle Opener is sleek and stylish made of durable stainless steel. The sleek and stylish build, durability, and high quality of the material make it a great gift to any wine or beer connoisseur.
  • MULTIPLE USES, SIMPLE ACTION: This corkscrew is the ideal device to get your bottle of wine open and ready to drink with no fuss or mess. The simple action makes de-corking your favourite tipple simple and straightforward. And just so easy. It really is the ideal wine opener. The corkscrew is so versatile and fits all popular bottle sizes with ease making it multi-purpose and has several uses. It can be used for opening wine bottles, beer bottles, and even soft drink caps.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The slick two-part design comes apart easily for cleaning. The spiral thread and handle simply lift out of the main body so there are no hidden difficult areas to collect dirt and a simple rinse under running water keeps it fresh and always ready to use. The gold-chrome finish makes it stylish. Ideal for different occasions like home & kitchen, wedding, birthday, holiday party, Christmas festival, anniversary, and any restaurant, bar, party, or a home casual drink.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY STEEL: Take all the effort out of uncorking your favourite bottles of wine - this deluxe corkscrew removes stubborn corks in an instant. Made out of premium quality steel, is extremely durable & long-lasting. It has a thicker top than most openers, allowing it to effectively open corks and bottles, while also lasting for a long time with ease. A great investment for several years! Ideal for professional waiters & bartenders. It’s simple & easy to use even for non-profess
  • NON SLIP HANDLES: Removal of natural and synthetic corks is a breeze with our specially designed corkscrew. Because of the worm, the wine opener will grip the cork firmly and make it less likely to break. The non-slip handles ensure that it allows for a tight grip. This enables the user to sue it with ease and pull out the cork without the opener slipping. The gold-chrome finish makes it ideal for entertaining and ideal as a gift for Waiters, Sommelier, and Bartenders.

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