Royalford 1000Ml Round Container

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Royalford Make Your Organization Different Perfect for storing dry foodOur airtight food storage canister rid your kitchen of all the plastic bags used to store dried goods, snacks, baking ingredients, assorted sundries, etc. You will be delighted when you see shelves are orderly organized and all the contents labelled and visible. Besides, the container is sturdy and the lid seal securely providing assurance for the contents put inside. Food grade material offers a no-worry storage solution for your everyday use.The silicon ring perfectly prevents your food from moisture and air. So your food can keep dry and fresh for weeks and weeks. Our container is made of premium shatterproof material. Thick and sturdy. Perfect for everyday use. These space-savers do not waste any precious space in your pantry. Keep your cabinets organized with a modular shape. 

Material Glass
Size 1000 ml
Brand Royalford
Item Round Canister
Model Number RF10083

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