Royalford Muffin Pan 41.3x26.5x3 cm

SKU: RF7042

Sale price2.160 BHD


12 Cup Muffin Pan 1X24


  • NO SOGGY BOTTOMS - This muffin tin includes small holes to allow moisture to escape and to circulate hot air to ensure deliciously baked goods and non-soggy bottoms.
  • EXTRA CRISPING - Special design allows for the crisping process to continue even after being retrieved from the oven to assure delightfully crispy treats.
  • NON STICK - Double coated with some of the finest non-stick material to ensure easy handling and cleaning.
  • TRAY DIMENSIONS - This baking tray is approximately 32 x 24 cm in size.
  • CUP DIMENSIONS - The dimensions of each of the 12 cups is approximately 6 x 2 cm.

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