Royalford Double Side Scrubbing Brush RF9835

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Royalford Double Side Scrubbing Brush, RF9835

Brand Royalford 
Product Type Double Side Scrubbing Brush
Model  RF9835
  • Useful for All Cleaning Requirements - The uses for the Royalford's Double Side brush with handle. From being used as a brush cleaner for cleaning kitchen surfaces, like kitchen counters and sinks, it can also be used to clean tables, sofas, and even outdoor surfaces with ease without leaving scratches.
  • Comes with Non-Slip GRIP- The PP+TRP hand grip for this versatile cleaning brush is made ergonomically to fit the user's hands perfectly, it will help get to the hard to reach places and the grip makes this product easy to use.
  • Easy to Maintain - Made with a durable & long-lasting PP & TRP material bristles & handgrip, making it durable & sturdy. The clever design of this brush protects your knuckles while scrubbing & absorbs the pressure so you can keep going for longer.
  • Easy to Clean - It is easy to clean and can be cleaned using a simple scrub from both sides and warm soapy water to wash out the dust, dirt, and grime to keep the product in pristine condition. Versatile and effective scrub brush for cleaning grout, sports equipment, bathtubs, showers, floors, sinks, carpets and more.
  • Ergonomic and Sleek Design - The Royalford's Scrubbing Brush is made with a strong and durable PP+TRP material with an ergonomic design. With dimensions that easily fit any hand dents on it, it allows the user to hold and scrub without losing grip. This ensures an easy and convenient cleaning experience. The sleek and simple design is devoid of any frills which makes it difficult to use.

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