Royalford Bamboo Serving Spoon

SKU: RF5115

Sale price0.410 BHD


Bamboo Serving Spoon 1X100

  • . NON SLIP GRIP - Perfectly located and designed handle for easy gripping and more control of the utensil. It has a sturdy gripped handle which doesn't slip from your hands.
  • 2. HEAT RESISTANT - This product is made natural bamboo which will protect your food taste and even doesn't burns your hand while serving or cooking.
  • 3. DISHWASHER SAFE - Have no worries about putting this utensil in your dishwasher, because it is made to endure the average dishwashing cycle without taking or causing any damage.
  • 4. MULTI-SURFACE USE - This uniquely designed product is suitable for all cooking surfaces including non-stick and makes serving easy.
  • 5. EASY TO STORE - This Royalford serving spoon has a hanging hole which makes it easy to store and avoids clutter in your kitchen.

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