Conda Stretched Professional Canvas Size 30 x 60 cm

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Size:                                     30 X 60 Centimeters 

Frame:                                 Wooden 1.0″ Inch

Color:                                   White

Brand:                                 Conda

Material:                             100% Cotton

Paint Type:                         Oil, Acrylic

Shape:                                 Stretched

    • Suitable for both artist and amateur, this pure heavier gram secure magnetic cotton od totally fit for purpose with assured performance every time. It maybe your perfect choice for light paint applications, practice, studies and class projects, etc.
    • Pre-primed canvas: a superior-quality cotton canvas with a medium grain, they are triple-acrylic-primed and designed for use with oils or acrylic paints. Triple-priming creates a perfect ready-to-use painting surface for both oils and acrylics that holds the Colour on the surface and prevents seepage through the back
    • Handmade artist canvas: Conda canvases are tacked and complete with wooden wedges to adjust tension in the traditional manner, tailored corners and excellent tension are achieve by hand as well as individually wrapped to protect the surface. Available in a range of sizes and suitable for use with oils and acrylics
    • Natural wooden frame: Conda canvases and paper for painting with oils and acrylics are made to the higher specifications. The wood’s frame is pure pine with supreme care and craftsmanship which will bring you durable stretched canvases
    • Ideal for artist and amateur: we also prepared 8 wooden chip for each canvas(for free), we think we are offering a high quality art supply for you with affordable price. Hope you enjoy the buy experience with Conda

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