Children Educational Toys Novelty Funny

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Party Education Toy For Game Prank Games Fries Toy Novelty Funny Gifts Event Supply For Children Educational Toys Novelty Funny Interactivity-This cool stuff is designed for family interaction. Parents and children can be closer, and children can be loved by their parents and feel warm and happy. Observation- Children can learn to observe details and brainstorm through their performance in play. Touch- This sensory toy could help boys and girls to enhance their hands-on skills, develop hands-on habits, and overcome shyness. Reflection-Thinking responsiveness and neural responsiveness are both things that can help your child grow. Service-We would like to invite all children to participate in toy making and help them grow happy. GAMEPLAY : EACH PL AYER TAKES TURNS To Place A FRIES. WHEN THE FRIES po-p UP, THE GAME IS OVER AND THE PL AYER LOSES. AS SHOWN IN THE FIGURE, FRIES ARE FIXED LIKE THIS. WHEN THE FRIES CANNOT BE FIXED, YOU CAN MANUALLY ADJUST TwO SIDES OF THE FRIES. PUT THE FRIES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FRIES Box. AS THE NUMBER OF FRIES INCREASES, THE FRIES WILL p-op UP AT ANY TIME.Package Included: 1 x French fries box 20 x French fries

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