Delcasa 6PC Tumbler Glass Set

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Delcasa 6PC Tumbler Glass Set

This 6 piece Multipurpose Tumbler set is ideal for serving tea, juices, and drinking water.Each piece in this collection has been crafted from tempered glass - that boasts exceptional clarity and shine, high resistance to heat and impact and perfect acoustics.This set comprises 6 large Tumblers with a 5.5Oz capacity - perfect for everyday use.Tea Glass - A glass is designed for serving tea. The drinks in a dish can be put in the microwave and heated.

  • 6 Pcs Tumbler Set 5.5Oz
  • Made of Tempered Or Toughened Glass
  • Resist Breakage, Chipping, and Scratching.
  • Crystal Clear Construction
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.
  • Study & Creative Design
  • LEAD Free Glass  

  • Exudes an exquisite craftsmanship that manifests an accentuating show
  • Fade-proof construction resists catching stains, facilitating easy cleaning
  • Moulded from high-grade material to avoid chipping even through prolonged usage

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