Delcasa Fish Barbecue Grill - DC1746

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Delcasa Fish Barbecue Grill - DC1746


  • Flip the grill basket regularly for perfectly cook fish with tell-tale BBQ grill marks. The long wood heat-resistant handle is comfortable to there is no fear of scalding your hands and it is long enough to keep them clear of the flames. If you love BBQs and fish, this is the perfect tool!
  • Delcasa Mini Fish BBQ Grill makes grilling easy. With the turn of your wrist, you can easily and effortlessly flip food, from chicken to fish to a basket full of vegetables.
  • The BBQ Grill prevents messes by keeping all of your food together in the basket, preventing food from spilling onto the grates or into your grill. This BBQ Grill is made of heavy gauge non-stick coated metal.
  • The two sides latch together to hold the meat securely. Grill on one side and when ready use the Handle to flip the food to grill the other side.

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