Dr Rashel 24K Gold & Collagen Hydrating Eye Mask 60 Pieces


Sale price11.000 BHD


A collagen mask that provides deep hydration and revitalization to the eyes in a way that no topical creams or serums contain.

Ultra-Advance Cooling Collagen accelerates the delivery of the essential components of Sapphire Extract and Hyaluronic Acid.

It accelerates the delivery of the essential ingredients of sapphire and hyaluronic acid to the skin.

It acts as a moisturizer for the skin.

Helps remove dark circles around the eyes.

Powerful anti-wrinkle and premature face aging.

A hydrogel mask moisturizes the skin and revitalizes the eyes.

Makes the face more radiant and infinitely youthful.

For brighter, younger-looking skin.

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