Stargold LED 6V 4.5A Rechargeable Emergency Light 18 x 11.5 x 13.4 Inches

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SKU: SG-4008

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Product Description.

Power saving function, press and hold in dimming mode to get normal and high brightness. Great visibility for a variety of tasks, from overnight camping, to storm blackout or working around the house. Battery: 6V 4.5Ah rechargeable lead acid battery. Charging and working time: 8-12 hours for a full charge and the device will work. SMD LED illumination: about 7 hours, 11W U-Tube: about 5 hours; Searching for light (halogen): about 10 hours. Overcharge and deep discharge protection. Also a built in power supply cord to plug into a wall outlet. Indicator and reflectors: LED charging indicator and electroplated reflector.

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