Foam Roller Multicolor

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Foam rollers, which are used to increase range of motion and help ease muscle tightness, muscle knots and muscle soreness, are popular in the fitness world. If you need some help to smooth out the tension and kinks that build up from daily stresses, such as sitting most of the day while working, or if you're looking for a good recovery tool after working at home, a foam roller can help.

Foam rolling is kind of like using a rolling pin on your muscles, which is a self myofascial release stretching technique -- it can feel intense at first, but if you're consistent with the practice, it will aid in muscle recovery. Plus, the process will feel good, and you'll notice less muscle tension and soreness over time. Furthermore, a muscle roller can be used for deep tissue massage, muscle relief, ease thoracic spine pain relief, to loosen up a tight muscle, for myofascial release, relieving pain in plantar fasciitis, to increase blood flow, to soothe sore muscle and alleviate any kind of muscle pain.

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