Geepas Ice Cube Maker


Sale price61.430 BHD


Geepas Ice Maker 1X1

  • ✅TWO SIZES OF ICE CUBES, PORTABLE DEVICE– Ice uses are versatile and many to be exact. This ice cube maker has two sizes. Choose the one you need and get ice cubes really quick. The device is portable. Now you can chill out anywhere anytime.
  • PRODUCTION CAPACITY – This ice maker provides 24 hours ice-production. You can get a total of 12kg ice within 24 hours. That is equivalent to 1400 cubes.
  • AUTOMATIC TURN OFF – In case the container is empty, or the water inside it is completely turned into ice, it automatically turns off. This feature saves electricity and helps increase the productivity.
  • ECOLOGICAL GAS – Refrigeration involves problems like atmospheric pollution. With this cube maker, the problem has been solved because it uses another gas. It causes no harm to us or the atmosphere. You can enjoy its 24 hour working without having a bio-hazard.
  • ACCESSORIES – The cube maker comes with all the accessories you'll need. The package has the maker, of course, an ice container and a shovel. With this, you're ready to go. Just give it water and a power supply and get the ice.

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