Board Game Long Nose Liar Guess Punitive Early Education Parent Child Toy

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Features: Make Family Time Fun With “Liar” Stretch The Truth. This Hilarious Bluffing Game Will Bring You Closer Together And Create Great Memories. Kids Will Be Laughing For Hours Wearing Silly Glasses While Trying To Outsmart You. It’s The Perfect Game Solution No Matter the Time or Celebration. The Person With The Shortest Nose Wins Stretch The Truth And Your Nose May Grow! It’s Imaginative Play That Makes “Liar” So Much Fun! Kids Love To Catch Other Players When They Play The Wrong Card And Have To Put On A Nosepiece. As Their Nose Gets Longer, The Laughter Gets Louder! Kids Have Fun As They Say And Play Their Character Cards. Kids Engage In This Hilarious Bluffing Game. How To Play ”Liar” Is All About What You Say And Not What You Play! Play Cards in Their Order and Say What You’re Playing. You Don’t Have The Right Card? Time To Put On Your Bestest Poker Face And Try To Fool Everyone By Playing A Different Card. But Watch Out! If You don’t Get Away with It, You’ll have To Place A Nosepiece On Your Glasses That Will Continue To Grow Each Time You’re Caught! If Wrongfully Accused, The Player Who Said You Were “Liar” Has To Put On A Nosepiece Of His Or Her Own. It’s Fun for the Whole Table as You Watch Your Noses Grow! The Player with the Shortest Nose Wins! Funny Eyeglasses ”Liar” Comes With 4 Eyeglasses for Each Player to Wear!
As The Nosepieces Are Added To The Glasses, Kids Have A Hard Time Keeping A Straight Face.
“Liar” Brings Laughter To A Whole New Level As The Noses Continue To Grow!
The Player with the Shortest Nose Wins!!!
Includes: 4 Eyeglasses, 24 Cards, 11 “Noses”, 1 Game Board

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