Live ( Makeup ) Ring Light Streaming Portable Phone Holder

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SKU: 100015

Color: Black
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1.Adjustable Holder: The bracket hose can be rotated at multiple angles to adjust the angle that suits you.

2.With fill light: High-quality LED lamp beads make your real-time videos and photos brighter. With 10 brightness level settings and 3 lighting modes.

3.Easy to use: there is no problem with the installation, the ring light can be adjusted to any angle through the flexible arm to meet your needs.

4.Flexible: The flexible long arm with adjustable mobile phone holder can be fixed on most tables or tables, and is compatible with most popular mobile phone models.

5.Multiple uses: not only can be used as a mobile phone broadcast equipment, but also can be used as a table lamp, makeup lamp, bedside lamp, etc., just use your imagination.

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