New Sunset Table Lamp Rainbow Light Projection

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SKU: BI0004

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  • Saturated and Realistic Colors of the Rainbow/Sunrise/Sunset light projector are very saturated and realistic. When you are enjoying the rainbow,the sunset the sunrise, you feel like you are at the.
  • Adjustable projection range and angle] Easily adjust the projection range and angel of the Light projector by adjusting the LED lamp. The further the lamp, the larger of the projection range.It is suitable for projecting on floor, on wall,on ceiling or any smooth surface.
  • Good science education toy for kids The projector will be a good helper when you are playing with kids and showing them the Natural phenomenon.
  • Creative photography backdrop light The light projector is also a very good photography backdrop light for you to make kinds of creative photos.
  • Durable metal material Lamp stand use metal material, more durable, well extending its serving life.

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