Royalford Stainless Steel Garlic Press With Handle

SKU: RF8928

Sale price1.420 BHD


S/S Garlic Press with ABS handle 1x72

  • 1. 3-IN-1 VERSATILE OPENER - 3 functions in one unit: Can/ Tin opener + Bottle opener + Lever. This versatile can opener is designed for opening a can lid or a bottle cap, levering or loosening a can lid.
  • 2. STAINLESS STEEL DISC - The sharp cutting disc is made of food-grade material especially the metal tooth is made of stainless steel and the Opener also features a built-in bottle opener for added convenience.
  • 3. NON-SLIP HANDLE & KNOB DESIGN - The non-slip handle provides a firm grip and is very comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand. The ergonomic knob is easier to handle without hurting your fingers. Just turn the knob and cut the sturdy can lid in seconds.
  • 4. SHARP CUTTING BLADE, Easy Storage - Sharp cutting disc and large turning knob help to loosen a can lid effortlessly. The opener's soft, anti-slip handles are easy to grip. Smart wall-hanging design helps you to store easily.
  • 5. EFFORTLESS AND EASY TO USE Place the metal tooth on the lid of the tin then turn the handle after it and work your way around the rim. The Opener locks firmly closed onto the can to keep it in place, then when you're done just push the button to release. Only Clockwise Use!

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