Royalford Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon Black

SKU: RF8912

Sale price1.350 BHD


Royalford Slotted Spoon is ideal for hundreds of food lifting & serving tasks – from fried eggs, burgers, lasagne, fish fillets and more. It has long-handled, so you can safely use it in hot pots and pans without having to worry. With this cooking slotted spoon wide head and tapered edge, you can easily lift bulky, fragile foods from frying pans and trays. It’s just perfect for lifting fillets of cod, omelettes, beef burgers and fried eggs completely intact.The slotted spoon boasts an ergonomic ABS handle. This makes straining much more comfortable. And with its soft-touch design, it's really easy to maintain a secure hold as your stir, strain or serve. Ideal for skimming soups and jams, or removing food from hot pans.

  • Very Versatile
  • Perfect Design
  • Anti-Scratch Nylon Design
  • Ergonomic Handle, Easy Storage
  • Multipurpose Slotted Spoon
More Information
SKU 105-RF8912
Brand Royalford
Model Number RF8912
Material Stainless Steel
Display Color GREEN|BLACK
Barcode 6294016401997
Weight (kg) 0.13

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