Royalford Vacuum Flask 1.6L

SKU: RF5785

Sale price5.000 BHD


Vacuum Flask (1.6 Ltr) 1X6

  • 1. IRON, GLASS - High-quality vacuum glass liner with excellent temperature retention to keep your beverages hot/cold for a longer time. The outer surface consists of highly durable iron material.
  • 2. VACUUM INSULATION - It blocks heat from transferring through the air (conduction). The glass vacuum insulation also features an iron layer with plastic and silica gel between the 2 layers. This multiple plating reflects heat (radiation), further minimizing the temperature change of your drink. Lastly, heat is blocked from escaping through the opening (convection) with a tightly closed lid.
  • 3. DISPENSE EASILY and QUICKLY - With the lever-action top. Just press down on the lever at top and the beverage pours out. It comes with smooth working with less effort and spill-proof pouring.
  • 4. MULTIPLE USE - It is the preferred beverage equipment provider of social occasions, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial food service establishments. This vacuum flask is designed to meet the durability and performance needs of foodservice professionals. Popular choice because this commercial unique dispenser keeps beverages hot and fresh.

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